Sunday, July 15, 2012

Why so serious? Also, MY HAIR!!!!!!!

When I started this blog, the whole goal was to be as lighthearted as one can be about cancer. I think I'm funny (sometimes, I'm the only one), why not then try to put that humor to some use. But it seems, lately, that I've fallen off that path a bit. I feel my last few blogs have been less funny that I might like them to be. Maybe that is good because the truth is cancer really isn't funny and while this blog may have often tried to be upbeat and optimistic, there were many days and nights when I was not. This is still something I wrestle with.

All that being said, I like trying to see the humor in cancer. I like being a bit of an observer, and trying to step back from my life to survey it and see what about it is absurd enough to be amusing. There is no new story about the absurdity of cancer, but there is still my hair. Oh my hair!

It is going to be curly. Well, it already is curly. Insanely so. I have no idea how to deal with curly hair. Most people with curly hair have an extremely awkward phase beginning around 10 (I'd guess) and hopefully ending by 17. By then, they've figured out some way to deal with their curly hair and often their curls look lovely. I get to have that phase at 31. I can only hope mine does not last 7 years.

I'm hoping that once I get another inch my hair won't be as puffy and will maybe settle in to being just nice and curly. This is probably false logic - I suspect I have a way to go. This is a photo from a few days ago. I had actually done my hair, but then I went out in the humidity.

Yes, I go out in public looking like this. I don't know why but the hair in the middle of my head really just wants to stand up. You can't tell, but there is a headband in there too. It is not yet long enough for barretts or bobby pins, but I keep checking.

This was taken this morning. I haven't really done my hair except to use it to dry my hands after washing them. Is that something you should admit to doing on the internet? Using you hair as a paper towel? Either way, it looks fine but I also haven't braved the humidity.

Here is one from the side:

That is some serious curl. What is a girl to do? I'm not even saying I hate it, and I know I should be grateful to just have hair blah blah blah (people say that to me all the time and I get it, I get it, but how would you like it if you had to be bald for 6 months and then after, when your hair came back, it was a stranger's hair and it was going to take twice as long to grow out because it was curly? I'm not sure you would be as grateful as you seem to think I should be. That's all I'm sayin' - rant over.) I'm just really not sure how the next few months will play out. Or how many of them I will spend looking like a grade 8 yearbook photo. You know the kind: where it is obvious the girl is really trying to look her best, she just hasn't quite figured out how to do that and instead looks sort of awkward. But she is probably really nice, so that counts for something. 

Hey, at least I'm not being revisited by teenage acne! In fact, I think chemo was quite good for my skin. Or they are unrelated. Who knows. Anyway, that's all the news that is fit to print from my neck of the woods. And it is all to do with vanity! Shame on me.