Saturday, January 11, 2014

Long Overdue Rehab (and posts)

Sorry I've been away. There hasn't been all that much to report - cancer wise. I had a mammogram in September which went well in the "no suspicious shadows here" sort of way, and that's all I can really ask for. It doesn't, however, mean I've stopped worrying. Is there a pill for that?

I know there is, actually, but none of my health care professionals think I am sufficiently anxiety-ridden to give me one and I don't care enough to make them give me one. Instead I will settle for occasional, teeth-chattering, snot-running, sobbing melt downs. How's that for attractive. These don't happen THAT often (but I had a fun one last night!) and I'm working on re-training my brain away from always going to a default of "worst-case scenario." But still, ever new ache or pain stays on my mind. I'm pretty sure that's normal for those of us who've had the big C.

Anyway, that is not the point of this blog. I talk and write way too much about my fear of recurrence. The point of this particular blog is physio, which I've been doing for about a month. I started going to physio because of some back pain but I found a phsyio place that specializes in breast cancer recovery and since I wanted to deal with someone who was in-the-know about that sort of thing, I went with them.

Turns out I have all sorts of post-cancer treatment issues, which we're working on. Mostly it is just stuck scar tissue and this thing called cording but it can contribute to back pain. That and my poor posture have led me to a herniated disk, which has led to a numb butt (which led me to the emergency room today since that can be a very bad sign, but turns out it is not cancer or anything too serious so I'm happy with that!).

In Korea, and Canada for that matter, they don't really think about physio prior to, during or after treatment - though I guess that is starting to change in Canada. Evidence is starting to show that physio can be really helpful for managing side effects related to treatment so I bring this up in case you find this blog and you're in the early stages of treatment. I'd recommend at least going for a consult though I also understand that when you're in the thick of it, you have so many bloody appointments more don't seem that appealing. Do what's best for you, but think about physio. I wish I would have earlier.

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