Thursday, September 28, 2017

And so it goes...

I had my 6 year anniversary not too long ago, and the day didn't even occur to me until after it had passed. The only reason I took any note of it at all was that it was a Saturday I had gone into the office, and I was trying to figure out my overtime. I had a "huh, 6 years" moment, and then moved on. And so it goes....never though I would get to a stage of that kind of tranquility about cancer. Thanks effexor (or whatever the hell off brand I'm taking is called)!

I saw my radio-oncologist this week. I asked him about reconstruction and he advised that I wait another year. So I will. Maybe. Unless I get impatient. Paul insists my lop-sided-ness is really only apparent to me, but it is apparent to me. I'd actually like to use the opportunity to have the left shrunk down to match the right, and not have the right one puffed up.

It seems these terrible boobs have a mind of their own and insist on re-growing, despite my attempts to hack them to bits. A reduction and a lumpectomy and they just keep coming back, like a bad inspirational after-school movie! Except, only one does anymore, cause the one that had all that radiation has decided to quit. So I think the imbalance will only continue to grow. I'll keep you posted. But only sporadically, as you can tell these days.

Anyway, that's where I am at now with cancer - at a cosmetic level, rather than a metaphysical, contemplation of my own (potentially abruptly shortened) existence. Which, I'm pretty okay with. And so it goes...

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  1. It’s crazy actually...6 years!!!!Sometimes it’s actually hard for me to believe at all. Real as it was, time does seem to change things. Love you so much ❤️