Friday, September 2, 2011

Goodbye Modesty!

"Hey, I have breast cancer, want to look at my boobs?"

Seriously, I feel like everyone in Korea has seen them now. I don't think this is going to change any time soon. Today, I have gotten dressed 5 times and undressed 4.5 times. I say 4.5 times because for an EKG they just make you shove your shirt and bra up into your armpits. Yes, it is terribly comfortable. I don't know why everyone doesn't just sleep this way, it makes getting dressed in the morning a cinch.

Luckily I have never been too concerned about people in the medical profession seeing my bits. It's not like I have something they haven't seen before (although I guess in Korea I have MORE of the something they have seen before). I suspect by the end of this I will be a complete exhibitionist. And in Ontario, I am legally allowed to be from the waist up.

Other than these insights, I don't have any concrete news to offer. I got poked a bit more today, I peed in a cup, I finally got to eat and drink at 12:30 and now we are back home. Paul is mailing insurance people to try and get that side of things handled and I am writing this blog which upon rereading, I realize, is not terribly interesting.

Don't worry, I'm sure I will be able to regale you with crazy stories of my stay in the hospital. As in, you have to bring your own towels. And family members are expected to do most things that a nurse would do in Canada. AND Paul will get to sleep on a "plinth" whatever the hell that is. I suspect I will be sending him home for sleeping. Who wants to slumber on a plinth?


  1. According to Wiki, a plinth is the base on which a column or statue or other such item rests. Which, yes, does not seem very comfortable. Maybe make sure to pack a cushion for his overnight bag...

  2. I want to request pictures of the experience but really, nothing actually exhibiting what the doctors get to look at. I mean, I think we have gotten plenty close in the last 2 decades without crossing that bridge, and to add another cliche, good fences do indeed make good neighbours.
    What I'm saying is I would like to see some excited faces or atmospheric clinic shots to get an accurate visual.
    Also, do Korean hospitals look like Canadian ones? Inquiring minds!!

  3. Now that I ended my cancer blog, someone had to fill the void, might as well been you. Wait, that sounds awful and insensitive.
    Truth is tears welled up when I heard - you were my most loyal reader in South Korea afterall. Whether you want it or not I'll include you in my prayers.
    In the meantime blogging can be therapeutic, so can music and comedies.

  4. I want to sleep in a plinth! Sounds like a place vampires sleep or something. Better yet, maybe he can just crawl up beside you and give you a little snuggle. I know that's what I'd do if I was there (whether you like my closeness or not, you will have it!)

    Much love, my beautiful friend <3