Monday, September 26, 2011

Soul Mates

For those of you that don't know, I spent Saturday watching two people who are meant for each other get married. The wedding was the whole point of this trip back to Canada, and since it was my sister's it would have been crushing to miss it. When my infection was discovered Tuesday morning both Paul and I were quite worried it would mean the trip was off the table. Luckily, it was not.

One of the silver linings of cancer, and believe me I am always looking for them, is the opportunity it provides to really reflect on your life and the people who are in it. About a month before I was diagnosed someone asked me if Paul was my soul mate. At the time I said I thought that he was but that I also didn't believe that there was just one person out there for each person. I really believe you can have multiple soul mates and that you don't have to be married to all of them. Some of them will be friends and others will be family. I have had the great fortune to meet some people that I really believe I am meant to know. This experience has only reaffirmed that for me.

It has also proven to me that I made a great choice 6 years ago when I went to a party I wasn't all that interested in attending. I met the soul mate that has become the most important to me and has been a complete rock throughout this. I don't know how everyone would react to finding out their spouse has cancer - I only know that mine has been amazing. He has put himself in charge of tracking all of my medical records and all of the insane paperwork that comes with a cancer diagnosis. And he has never once complained about having to regularly drop everything he is doing so he can give me a hug. If nothing else positive can be said about cancer, I can say this: I have definitely found my soul mate and he is going to help me kick cancer in the ass.


  1. Hi Laura and Paul. Paul knows me but I haven't met you yet Laura. I am Clara and Jorma's 'old time' friend from Vanderhoof. I am extending friendship to you by extension of my friendship with your mother-in-law! You are in my prayers to heal quickly. My husband, Gerry, was diagnosed with blood cancer last December - multiple myeloma. This has given me a new-found connection with others affected by cancer. You have my support. I am impressed with your attitude which really makes a HUGE difference in healing. Your writing is enjoyable to read and makes me smile and there's tears too.

    I don't know if you are ready for any suggestions? All I can say is changing our diet has been a huge factor in Gerry's healing. I don't want to intrude though, so will say more if you are interested.

    all the best, Eva

  2. Ahhh, my dear girl. I could not agree with you more. I have many soul mates - scattered around the world - and I think the connection that can be formed between two people is truly amazing and definitely something to hold onto once you've got it.

    I often think about how lucky I am to have met you, and to be good friends with you and Paul. I sometimes giggle when I think how different the two of us are (exhibitionist vs. health book nerd, lol) but smile when I think how those differences never got in the way of us sharing many, many good bouts of laughter.

    Ohhh, and this love thing - it's a GREAT thing.

    I'm happy to hear you are able to find the silver linings in the worst of times - that's a true gift in itself (just as you are to me, my sweet).

    LOVE xo

  3. I am so glad I didn't go to that pirate party thing Paul wanted me to attend. By him going alone and not bringing a friend, he met you. Which is awesome! Although I am sad you weren't able to make it out to Vancouver this time, I am glad you were able to attend your sister's wedding. Josh and I WILL make it Korea, I promise :)

  4. Paul may be your soul mate, but can I still be your bosom companion a la Anne and Diana? Given your current situation, I think it's ironically appropriate. Though I forgot to get a lock of your raven tresses when I saw you. Save me one, ok?

  5. Jane - I promise a lock of my raven tresses. Also, I'm pretty sure (98.8%) that you are one of soul mates. But that doesn't mean we can't still be bosom companions.